Petroglyph MedPartners Services


Consultative Services

Petroglyph MedPartners will complete a comprehensive, on-site evaluation of your current inpatient care model. We will meet with representatives from different areas of your organization, including hospital administrators, physicians, nurses, care coordinators and ancillary staff, to understand your hospital’s unique culture and needs. We will assess how your current hospitalist staffing and compensation model influences patient flow. We will examine institution-specific metrics such as average length of stay, patient volumes, cost per admission, and payer mix, to show the potential impact of the Petroglyph MedPartners Care Model on patient flow and cost reduction. We will assess bed coordination as well as the physical layout and staffing structure of individual hospital floors/units and suggest changes that will maximize effective communication among all staff members. Upon completion of the site visit, you will have a customized plan to begin implementing the Petroglyph MedPartners Care Model at your institution. If desired, our advisors can provide on-going mentoring and assistance during the implementation process.

Consultative ServicesConsultative ServicesConsultative Services